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  FSN 300F
  Basic Machine Includes:
  • Single-phase braking motor, 3.6 HP, 60 Hz
  • Shaper split fence, each micro-adjustable
  • Shaper reversing switch
  • Spindle lock for 0° , -5° , 45°
  • Under table dust collection
  • Overload protection
  • UL Standard
  • CE Standards
  • Service spanners
  • Instruction handbook
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View demo videos of our 5-in-1 Machine!
We've split one main video into 5 clips so you won't have to wait quite
so long for download time. Please view all 5 clips to get the full illustration
of how this remarkable machine works! Once you click the link and choose
"open with" and your choice of video sofware installed on your system
(wmplayer is most popular), it will take a few minutes to download but
then it will automatically begin playing.
Please select the appropriate connection speed for the video you would like to view.   (Videos are WMV format and all larger than 3 MB.)
KPS 300 5 in 1 Machine Intro

High Speed Cable/DSL
Low Speed Dial-up

KPS 300 Slot Mortiser
High Speed Cable/DSL
Low Speed Dial-up
KPS 300 Shaper
High Speed Cable/DSL
Low Speed Dial-up  
KPS 300 Jointer Thickness Planer High Speed Cable/DSL
Low Speed Dial-up
KPS 300A
KPS 300V
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