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  The ROJEK Company
Rojek is a family owned company that was founded by Josef Rojek in the Czech Republic in 1921 for the production of woodworking machines. more >>
  Tech Mark, Inc.
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  Tech Mark, Inc. was established in 1982 and specializes in marketing woodworking equipment. Tech Mark is the sole importer and distributor for many high-quality specialty machines.
  Over the years, four specific areas have become the main focus of our business:
   Mitered Frame and
   Lineal Moulding
  a. Machinery for the processing, finishing, and decorating of lineal moulding (i.e. picture frame moulding, mirror frames, and kitchen cabinet stiles & rails)

b. Miter cutting and miter assembly equipment
   Classical Woodworking
  Tech Mark is a national distributor of high quality basic European woodworking machines required by the most discriminating craftsman.
   RTA, Kitchen Cabinet and Solid Wood Furniture
  Tech Mark offers specialty machines for performing detailed tasks (i.e. beaded front frame notching and miter decorative overlay moulding).
   Specialty Supplies
  a. Compo and Gesso materials
b. Sanding and Buffing wheels
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