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Tips and Techniques

Small Raised Panel

Machining a small (3/4 X 7 1/8 X 7 ½") cherry raised panel (like the one shown on the right and in a bigger picture here) on a shaper with a 7" diameter cutter (at 6,000 rpm) can be very dangerous. Fortunately for me, I own a Rojek KPF300 A Combination Saw and Shaper with Aluminum sliding table.

click to zoom in

For ease, accuracy and safety I used the sliding table as support and to push the panel past the cutter. The 1-5/8" long profile made manual operation out of the question for me. I took off the two wooden guides from the shaper fence and used the tool shroud and vacuum hose. I then set up the wooden vertical hold down shoe to keep the workpiece pressed to the table.

In using the sliding table, I adjusted the cross cut fence so that the wooden end was clear of the hold down shoe. I placed a backing board ¾" X 2" X 18" and fixed it with a clamp.

Next, for a reference point I pulled the aluminum "L" extrusion back on the rip fence so I could place 1/8" of the rear corner of the panel next to it prior to using the Rojek steel cam action vertical hold down clamp on the panel.

The results are amazing. In short order I was able to shape all four sides of the panel. The profile was very smooth and will require very little sanding. Also there was no shaper burn.

The same results can be done with the Rojek FSN 300FA or a FSN 300 F with sliding table and wooden sled.

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